Book "Lambic Untamed", by Raf Meert

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EN - Book "Lambic Untamed", by Raf Meert

The historic origin of lambic had already been lost by the middle of the 19th century. This gave rise to patriotically inspired legends, and recently also marketing-driven stories.

This book aims to deconstruct those fictions, and offers an overview of the historical origin and evolution of lambic beers through painstaking and meticulous research done in various historical archives and documents.

For the first time, the origins of lambic are linked to historical events and their contexts. It provides surprising new insights into where, when and why lambic came into being, North-America's role in it, and the most original faro, lambic and gueuze and their etymology. This book is a must-read for the lambic enthusiast who is genuinely interested in this unique and world-renowned beer.

RAF MEERT, Lambic. The Untamed Brussels Beer. Origin, Evolution and Future 230 mm x 150 mm, 400 pages

RAF MEERT (°1979), has been fascinated by the local past since childhood. He has already published on feudal domains, archers' guilds and (lambic) breweries. Born in Brussels and raised in the Pajottenland, the history of lambic and gueuze is near to his heart.