Shipping and return

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Sections within this policy include:

1. Delivery

Possibly displayed delivery windows are only an indication and are non-binding. No delivery delay can lead to the cancellation or resolution of the sale or payment of a compensation of any sort in favour of the buyer, unless in the case of a deliberate delay.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen reserves the right to carry out partial deliveries.

In case of non-delivery of the goods, that is not attributable to the buyer, the possible amounts paid by the buyer, can be refunded without interest or other compensation.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen will confirm each order by e-mail. After receipt of the payment, Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen will always carry out and complete the order as fast as possible. As soon as an order is completed, the 3F Team will start fulfilment of the order. Once this has happened, the buyer will receive a notification with the message that his parcel is ready for personal pick-up or when it will be delivered by the shipping partner, through separate e-mails.

The buyer is advised to take into account a period up to two weeks between order and actual delivery within Europe. That time window will be three weeks for orders and deliveries to the United Kingdom.

1.1 On-premise pick-up

Occasionally, 3 Fonteinen might propose the option to pick up the goods in the physical shop in Lot. In such case, such pick-ups can only happen during the indicated opening hours and given a certain period, typically around an event.

In case the buyer, after having completed the order transaction, wishes to switch the delivery method from on-premise pick-up to outbound shipping, additional fees could be added, and additional shipping fees will apply. Such change is only possible after receipt of a written request and written approval from 3 Fonteinen and acceptance of the proposed additional fees.

1.2 Outbound shipping

The shipping partner will pick up the order with 3 Fonteinen on a weekly basis, following the week in which the inital online order has been placed. It is not possible to request a delay in shipping.

The buyer is advised to enter a frequently manned shipping address (for example work or home) as the number of times that a parcel is offered for physical delivery, is limited.

Once the parcel has been registered in its delivery network, the shipping partner will regularly update the buyer on given key moment in the delivery process. Examples of these are: expected delivery date, day and moment of delivery, hand-over of the parcel etc. It will also be possible to alter the delivery options, such as changing the delivery date, selection of another delivery address or pick-up point etc. A so-called track & trace code will be generated and sent, allowing the buyer following up on the parcel in their delivery network.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen cannot be held responsible or accountable for delays caused by the shipping partner or any courier down the line. Delivery delays are no reason for order cancellation or compensation claims.

As soon as the goods have been delivered at the delivery address the risk related to the use and / or consumption of these products is the buyer’s responsibility.

In case the buyer, after having completed the order transaction, wishes to switch the delivery method from outbound shipping to on-premise pick-up, the incurred shipping fees and fees on top of the store price cannot be refunded. Such change is only possible after receipt of a written request and written approval from 3 Fonteinen and acceptance of the proposed loss of fees.

2. Shipping partner

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen has carefully selected FedEx as its shipping partner. Given its global scale and in-house expertise, this shipping partner has the right assets allowing 3F further refining of the webshop and shipping services.

The tariff scheme is based on FedEx Priority for Belgium and FedEx International Economy for the rest of the world. The buyer should consider typical delivery timings of 2 to 3 working days in Belgium, up to 4 to 6 working days outside of Belgium (depending on the destination) and counting as from the registration in the FedEx network.

2.1 Rates & Destinations

The applicable shipping fees are based on both weight and country of destination, and include:

  • the shipping and delivery of the parcel;
  • possible additional fuel charges;
  • full insurance coverage of the contents and its value.

Beer parcels and merchandise parcels are always packed separately and introduced into the FedEx network separately. It is possible for a delivery to be split up. The buyer may make appropriate arrangements with FedEx to consolidate the delivery of multiple packages through the online tools provided by FedEx. However, the weight of each (type of) parcel is added up per order number. The total weight per order number defines the shipping cost, regardless of the number of parcels.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen will only ship beer parcels to countries within the EU and possibly selected other countries outside of the economic region of Europe, merchandise parcels worldwide (together with the applicable rates per country). The overview of countries and shipping rates are available here.

3. Proxying & Proxy services

As far as beer parcels go, the current list of destinations does not encompass all countries. Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen commits to continue its efforts in expanding the number of countries and regions to which it will ship directly to the consumer.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen is fully aware that some consumers, being residents of countries that are currently not featured in the list of destination countries, would like to enjoy 3 Fonteinen lambic beers. The current craft beer aficionado scene is also shaped by the notion of proxying, i.e. fellow beer aficionados sending and exchanging beers with peers all over the world.

3 Fonteinen would like to enable those consumers to be able to purchase beer and have it delivered at an address in one of the listed beer parcel destination countries, for the receiving party to forward the box to the actual buyer.

In this case, 3 Fonteinen can only be held liable for the services up to the delivery at the provided shipping address. All organisation, events and transactions after the closure of the transaction between the buyer and 3 Fonteinen, are the ownership, accountability and responsibility of the buyer. It is up to the forwarding party or so-called proxy and the buyer to settle arrangements. 3 Fonteinen cannot be held responsible for non-compliance, damage or breakage, non-delivery etc. after the completion of the service as described in the previous and following chapters and contents on this e-commerce website.

Please be aware that additional costs might incur in case your parcel is forwarded by proxies.

3 Fonteinen reserves the right to exchange additional information of the buyer and/or his order, with his respective proxy(-service provider). 3 Fonteinen assumes a relation of trust between the buyer and his proxy(-service provider).

4. Damage & Breakage

In case (a part of) the contents of the parcel are damaged beyond the buyer’s expectation or broken upon delivery, the buyer or receiver is assumed to immediately signal this to the courier service agent. The contents of the parcel ought to be checked at the same time. It is the buyer’s right to deny acceptance of the parcel and indicate damage or breakage on the delivery document. The buyer or receiver is held to contact 3F by e-mail to arrange the prompt exchange or reimbursement of the face value of the affected products. Photographs are crucial proof of damage and/or breakage.

Accepting the package means confirming the absence of any damage or breakage.

In case of justified damage or breakage, 3 Fonteinen will replace the damaged or broken goods free of charge and including all fees to get the replacement box at the provided shipping address as provided with the initial order. Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen will also open a case with the shipping partner to rectify this situation. Anyhow, the described process will only be started after a written approval of acceptance of this case by 3F and acceptance of proposal of solution by the buyer.

This paragraph only affects the actual contents of the box, whether it is beer or merchandise and not the box(es) itself. Occasional damage to the outer box is normal and cannot be a reason for non-acceptance of the delivered parcel by the buyer or the receiver.

5. Return policy

The buyer has a reflection time of 14 calendar days, starting from the day (included) of the delivery of the goods. During this period, the buyer commits to treating the products carefully.

Goods can be returned as far as they are in good condition; undamaged, unused or unconsumed and in their original packaging and original state. Goods can be returned at latest 14 days after the decision to revoke the sale. The (postal) shipping date of the returning parcel is the control date. The return shipping is at the risk and expense of the buyer. Insufficiently franked or unfranked parcels are always refused and will be sent back to the buyer.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen is not liable for damage or loss of (a) returned item(s) subject to the returning shipment a parcel.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen wishes to specifically stipulate that the following reasons for returning parcels are allowed but rather out of the ordinary:

  • Beer parcels being returned for a change of mind or not meeting the buyer’s expectation. 3 Fonteinen assumes that the buyer is aware of the specific style of beers it makes, as well as the specific characteristics of 3 Fonteinen beers. Arguments originating from the characteristics inherent to (the specific natural production process of) the beer style are not accepted as a reason.
  • Clothing being sent back for wrong measures. The sizing guides of all clothing, including metric and imperial measures can be consulted through this document.

Personalised items cannot be returned.

In case the buyer wishes to return goods, the only contact method is e-mail. He can initiate a return process by sending an e-mail to, including (a scan) of the return document ,as well as photos to indicate the state of the goods upon departure at the buyer’s premise. Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen commits to answering these requests within 3 working days, including a refund proposal.

It is up to the buyer to initiate the physical return of the goods to Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen to the following postal address: Molenstraat 47, 1651 Lot (Beersel), Belgium and only after written acceptance of 3F through a reply on the original e-mail or any other formal and written answer. The incurred shipping fees are at the expense of the buyer and they will not be refunded by Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen.

Goods cannot be returned through the shop in Lot, unless agreed upon differently through a written form, i.e. e-mail.

In case the returned goods are replaced with different goods for reasons beyond 3 Fonteinen’s responsibilities - and thus originate from a mistake or decision of the buyer - the consequent additional shipping fees are at the expense of the buyer, except if agreed upon differently.

In case of a devaluation of the goods, 3 Fonteinen reserves the right to take the damage in deduction of the reimbursement or add it to the replacing order.

In case of reimbursement of the returned items, 3 Fonteinen commits to doing this on the bank account as stipulated by the buyer and within 14 calendar days after the day that 3 Fonteinen has been informed by the buyer of his decision to revoke the agreement unless 3 Fonteinen has not received the returned goods in it original state and packaging.

Refunds are limited to the price of the goods in the physical shop, the incurred additional packaging, handling, administration and payment transaction fees are thus not reimbursed.

Returning deliveries of which no prior notification and acceptance by 3 Fonteinen exists, is no guarantee for refund. If there is no reason for 3F to accept a returned package, it will be stored by 3F for a maximum of 30 calendar days and at the customer’s risk until resolution of the issue.

6. Guarantee, Questions & Complaints

Every article is subjected to the legal warranty conforming the Belgian law of September 21st 2004, holding consumer protection while sales of consumption goods as from the date of purchase by (or delivery to) the first owner. To invoke this warranty, the buyer needs to be able to show a proof of purchase.

Questions, complaints and disputes need to be submitted within 8 calendar days after the delivery or pick-up. Afterwards, every right for repair or replacement is void. Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen will answer to these requests within a reasonable delay of 3 working days.

The (commercial and/or legal) warranty is never applicable for defects that originate from accidents, neglect, falls, abnormal or incorrect use, use of the item that is in conflict with the purpose for which it has been designed, non-compliance of the usage instructions or user manual, adjustments or changes to the item, rough treatment, bad maintenance, abnormal or incorrect use and force majeure.

Nor does it apply to articles with a shorter life span, or items that wear off.

Defects that manifest themselves after a period of 6 months following the date of purchase or delivery, are considered not to be hidden defects, unless the customer proves otherwise.

The guarantee is not transferable.